Art inhabits a dynamic space, demanding innovation, passion, commitment and flexibility.  These are the same qualities that art students need to survive the constant shifts in the political and artistic landscape. The recent budget proposal, international festivals and the proliferation of technology into the everyday are symptomatic of these shifts. Loosely framing Artwrite 55 under the theme of transformation, we discuss these and other issues, considering the possible impact on the future of the arts.

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Artwrite #54

Imagine a space of uncensored expression, where depiction of the female form is not deplored but celebrated. Colours merge and boundaries disintegrate. Artisans evolve unhindered in their aesthetic, the commercial value of their work becomes insignificant. Imagine a future where the man-made fuses seamlessly with the landscape, the beauty of life is celebrated in the face of death, and every undertaking is a performance to be considered. This is Artopia.

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