By Natasha Mikitas

Anish Kapoor, Cloud Gate (2004, Stainless Steel) Photo credit: Natasha Mikitas.

A giant concrete skyline juts aggressively hundreds of meters into the sky; the overwhelming size of the buildings makes it hard to feel anything but inferior.  Opposite these massive structures are the icy waters of Lake Michigan, startlingly blue and unwelcomingly frozen over. Hundreds of people are congregated between the concrete monsters and the icy waters, but their attention is focused on neither. They walk slowly around a lone structure, touching its smooth surface and laughing as they walk below it, staring up entranced at their own reflections. They are impressed by the enormity and engrossed in the almost perfect mirror images on its surface. This is Cloud Gate (2004, Stainless steel), and it is (in my experience) the best thing I have ever seen in a public park. Continue reading